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Writer's Ink

2 March 1988
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Theoneschampion is a Sophomore in Brooklyn college. Like many of her peers, she has yet to decide what she actually wants to major in, so please, do not ask her. She has always loved reading from a very young age. Some of her favorite memories include being read Yurdle the Turtle by her grandfather, and on Friday nights after lighting the Sabbath candles reading Winnie the Pooh with her mother and sister and doing all the voices. Sometimes they still do it, when they feel the need to relive childhood.

Now though, her genras mainly include Fantasy/Sci-fi, and mystery.

As for writing, theoneschampion does not really know when she first realized that she could create stories herself. Her first memory of writing a story is using one of these big pads, and writing a series of stories about a camel and a rabbit named, unoriginally enough, Camel and Rabbit, who lived in the desert. Her next memory is trying her hand at fantasy. The story starred a unicorn, and though she does not remember what it was about, she remembers finding it a few years ago and thinking that the writing wasn't that bad for someone who had been her age then.

Since then, she has continued writing, though she doesn't have any completed original works.